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PortaFloor Crude Truck Loading Bay

In August 2014, Nuna Innovations Inc. installed 200 square feet of PortaFloor MAXCold at a crude truck loading bay in Rycroft Alberta. The client was experiencing degradation of the loading bay area substrate due to the weight of crude trucks utilizing the area. Crude trucks load approximately every 15 minutes which results in a significant amount of wear. Further, temperatures during the winter months range from 5 degrees Celsius to -40 degrees Celsius and fluctuate frequently. Each year the client hauled crushed gravel to site in order to replenish the solid foundation for the trucks however, due to the weight of the trucks (63,500 kg), the gravel was absorbed by the soft substrate below. Swamp mats were also considered however the reusable characteristic of Portafloor appealed to the client. As the issue at this site is a seasonal issue, the ease of transport of Portafloor was a key factor as it would allow the client to use the product in other locations when it was not needed on the loading bays.

Portafloor max Cold was employed as a permanent solution in this application. The existing substrate was already graded and covered with a thin layer of gravel. No additional surface preparation was required – the Portafloor was laid directly on the existing surface. It was installed over compacted clay with gravel laid on top. 200 square feet were installed in less than ten minutes by a crew of two workers from Nuna Innovations Inc. At the six month follow up with our sales representative, the client reported a high level of satisfaction with the product. Portafloor MAXCold remained durable through ice build up and numerous freeze thaw cycles. There have been no cracks, punctures, or slumping from the pressure of the crude trucks. The client is planning to install this solution at three other crude truck terminals in the near future.