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New Petrochemical Slope Protection Case Study

In May 2014, Concrete Canvas® GCCM* was used to provide erosion control to a supporting embankment of a bridge at a water injection oil and gas site, south Iraq. The erosion was the result of environmental weathering, predominantly rainfall, causing surface slip which threatened to destabilise the bank. A low cost and rapid solution was required; a concrete slab was considered but it would have been more expensive and time consuming. Installation was carried out by Fiafi Group. Prior to the installation of 8mm Concrete Canvas® GCCM (CC8TM), loose rock was removed and the surface was levelled using a granular type 1a sub base, that was compacted and watered.

Bulk rolls of CC8TM were delivered to site and lifted using a mechanical digger, before the CC8TM was unrolled and cut
to length using a utility knife. A drainage ditch was created at the toe of the slope, before the lengths of CC8TM were positioned at the crest by the installation team and unrolled down its length. Each layer was overlapped by 100mm and all layers overlapped the crest of the drainage ditch. The CC8TM was pegged down and fixed to the existing masonry wall using masonry screws, before it was hydrated along the overlap, sealed with CT1 sealant and screwed
at 50mm intervals. The rest of the CC8TM was then hydrated using a bowser and hose with a sprinkler attached. 2000sqm of CC8TM were installed by 8 people (including supervisors) in just 2 days, instead of the 7 it would have taken with conventional methods. Furthermore it was installed in 40 degrees Celsius and 95% humidity, so the speed of install reduced the risk of dehydration and sunburn for the labourers. The site was also difficult to access
with plant equipment so cutting CC8TM to length and transporting it by hand was logistically much easier.

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