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Airstar Lighting Lit Up the Gran Fondo Starting Line

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Nuna Innovations was happy to be present at the 2014 Gran Fondo Whistler. This cycling race saw close to 4000 cyclists line up at 6am Saturday September 6th, to embark on a 122 km trip up the Sea to Sky highway.

Nuna Innovations provided our unique Airstar Lighting Systems to do the job of the sun before the sun itself was on the rise. The 360 degree balloon lighting systems provide unparalleled anti-glare lighting to large outdoor areas, ideal for outdoor events, construction sites, and a wide variety of industrial applications.

Ranging from 600 watt to 4000 watt, Nuna Innovations has a range of product options to ensure that we have the right lighting solutions  to meet a variety of needs. Regardless of the wattage, what these lighting systems share in common is that they:

  • Increase safety
  • Increase productivity
  • Have a small footprint
  • Cast no shadows
  • Give off no glare
  • Are efficient, adaptable, and rugged

For information, brochures and video; see the Nuna Innovations website 

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Iron Man Canada_Whistler_2013

Iron Man Canada _2013


Nuna Innovations had the opportunity to work for Iron Man Canada in August. Iron Man Canada was held in Whistler BC this past year, which is located 45 minutes north of the Nuna Innovations office.

Nuna supplied Airstar lighting all around the event route and provided in total almost 90 lights.

8-4000w lights mounted onto Genset trailers

10-1000w lights on tripods

30-600w lights on tripods

40-Small Honda generators

Plus installation and delivery



Our sales team spent 2 full days with set up and take down with a few weeks before hand getting organized for the big event. This was Nuna’s first time lighting a major sporting event. Nuna in the past has mainly focused on the mining and construction sectors.

In total 2071 athletes participated in the Whistler Iron Man. The route stretched through the Whistler village and along the highway up to Pemberton. It included a biking, running and swimming portion. Our lights lite up the running and a part of the biking section of the course. The lights had to be carried in along the trails for set up as no vehicle access was permitted. Our team spent all of race day and that evening monitoring the lights and fueling all the geset trailers.


Nuna has been asked to supply lighting again for next year’s event. It has even been mentioned that we use more lights to what we had this year.


Walter Energy _Tumbler Ridge BC

Walter Energy _Tumbler Ridge BC

Nuna Innovations sold and installed Airstar lighting to Walter Energy in November of 2012. The Walter Energy mine site is located just west of Tumbler Ridge, BC.

Our Sales team headed north and did a complete light installation right on site. Conditions during the installation were cold and snowy making it difficult to work outside. In total 5-4000w lights complete with Genset trailers, and 3-1000w lights on tripods were set up.



The Genset trailers that were purchased for this installation were Ingersoll Rand and Magnum light towers, originally fitted with sodium lights. The sodium lights were removed prior and our 4000w Airstar lights custom mounted onto them. The 4000w lights and the trailers all had to be converted in order for the Airstar lights to work properly. Custom brackets had to be manufactured as well for the refit.

One of the big benefits of having the 4000w lights mounted onto the Genset trailers was eliminating the need of having individual ballasts for each light. They also allowed crews on site to quickly and efficiently move the lights to where they are needed.

Since the Walter Energy installation, Nuna has been mounting 4000w lights onto Genset trailers for multiple clients. Mounting the lights onto the genets at Walter proved to be a very affective light application.

Example of 4000w light on Genset trailer -CN Rail installation


Multiple site visits have been done since this installation and everything is so far running smoothly.


Christmas Market _December 2013

Nuna Innovations Inc. had the Airstar lights up again at the Christmas market this year.

In total we set up 3-1000w lights on tripods with gensets, 1 -4000w and 1 Hella HypaLume light- both mounted on a light tower trailer. The wind made it challenging to set up the lights but the team managed to get it done.

This was the second year in a row Nuna has set up at the market. The Christmas market took place in downtown Squamish again as it has in previous years. There were over 60 vendor signed up, unfortunelty  as it was a little cold and very windy, a few had dropped out before the start of the maket. All the vendors we have talked to since the market were extreamly happy and impressed by how much light the Airstars lights give off.

A bonus was that Santa even made an appearance!

Hopefully next year it will not be as windy and hopefully we will have a little snow!!

Happy holidays!